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Personal Transformation?

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel like... you're tired of the same problems with no resolution in sight? The same frustrating anxiety, stress, relationships, situations. 
  • Does it seem like... you've lost your sparkle...  and people know how to press your buttons.
  • Are you frustrated that... the stress causes you to overeat and waste time scrolling to comfort yourself?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  want peaceful relationships and mind and good health so you can do what you do best? 

Why is that so frustrating?

That's because you've been trying to solve your problems with your actions.

And if your actions change, but your mind is still the same, your subconscious brain will always bring you back to where you were before. Your subconscious still holds the same old hurts and limiting beliefs. 

So how do you win?

The answer is to totally transform your thinking. To discover your blind spots and overcome them. To get your conscious and subconscious thoughts in line with the words in red, the words of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

But how do you do that when you aren't even sure what those limiting beliefs are?

"But I've tried reciting Bible verses about it, I've gotten a mentor, I've read books, I've taken classes, I've done everything, but it just doesn't help."

How about considering life coaching! Not just any coaching, but Bible-based, Holy Spirit-led coaching from a born-again, spirit-led believer, revivalist, and Bible college student (year three). 

Life coaching is a process of discovering the root causes of what is holding you back from the healthy emotions, relationships, and body that Jesus suffered for you to have. Exploring if those complaints and limitations are true, where they came from, if they are really serving you, and if you want to keep them. If not, we try on new beliefs and discuss until we find a new one that feels like an "Aha!" 

Life coaching is about learning a new way of challenging your thinking and adopting new thoughts that, the more you practice it, becomes a habit.

As a master certified coach, I also help you make quality decisions, gain clarity, resolve conflict, and clear phobias. 

Let's just talk! I offer a free, no-obligation, 60-minute strategy session to see if Christian life coaching is a fit for you. I love doing strategy sessions. Schedule your spot today.

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  • You gain... a whole new outlook and perspective.
  • You feel peace as... arguments and problems fade away.
  • You gain ground... with excuses obliterated and fresh vision, you start racking up wins.
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Checklist to Discern: Is That God?

This Guide shows you:

  • ​How God speaks to us today
  • ​How to quickly determine whether something is from the Holy Spirit, based on five scripture based keys


Aline Maynard

Hi there! I'm Aline Maynard. I've been married 23 years, I have two teenagers, and we all serve at and love our church. 

I got certified, then master certified, as a covenant life coach, which means I am trained to help you apply God's covenant promises to your everyday problems and take every thought captive. Coaching is about taking every thought captive, examining it, seeing if we want to keep it; if not, coming to a whole new way of thinking. Each session begins with a situation, feeling or thought that isn't working, and ends with a new perspective. 

Ten years ago, I complained constantly about my family and my situation, about everything, even though I was born again. I asked five women to be my mentor, and they all said no. I wish I had known about coaching back then!

I came to coaching after twelve years in the corporate world, mostly as a technical writer. After that, I joined a Christian educational group that helps moms win at all aspects of life, and became a mentor. From that group, I became a coach. I also completed a training and mentoring program in Christian inner healing.

I feel like I am a completely different person after undergoing inner healing and coaching! I still hire coaches for myself to continue to expand my mindset. I love to help others.

If you are tired of the same old problems with no end in sight, and want to get your sparkle back, why don't we just talk? I offer a free, no-obligation, 60-minute strategy session where we can talk about where you are, where you want to be, a plan to get you there, and if life coaching is a fit.

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This leads to my scheduling page.


This worked, counseling didn't!

[Video transcript] "I had seen several counselors over the past 20 years, and nothing came of it, it wasn't really that helpful, especially compared to coaching with Aline.

"She just addressed the really important issues in my life that were standing in my way, that were keeping me from being successful. She helped me work through those in a kind way, and yet in a firm way that we could actually work together.

"The way in which Aline made me address issues that I really needed to address, and I kind of didn't want to face them, but she was kind and gentle about it, but she really urged me to really deal with those things.

"No one else would dig down and have the caring heart that she did to help me face those things and deal with it. I'm a better person for it!"

- Sharon


No judgment, no matter how much I told her

[Video transcript] "Aline was able to help me with a lot of underlying, root issues that I wasn't even aware that I had until we started talking and just going through the behaviors and thought processes that caused some of my hang ups, so to speak. 

"Three words that describe Aline are joyful, considerate, and very thoughtful.

"If you're looking to hire a life coach, I highly recommend Aline, because she's just a joy to work with. There was no judgment, no matter how much stuff I told her, there was no judgment there, so I really appreciate that.

"Getting coaching has changed my life by removing barriers because of root issues to open myself up to everything in life, including friendships." 

- Jamie


Helped me with toxic people

[Video transcript] "I decided to work with Aline Maynard for a couple months as my life coach because I knew that there were several areas, particularly of my thought life, that I needed to do better at. I would say that I have not completely won the battle, but I am going in a much better direction that I was previously. She really helped me to reorder my thoughs as to an ongoing situation with family, with what is the best way to handle this thing that will never ultimately be resolved. She really helped me a lot with the best way to reorder my thoughts when the situations present themselves and gave me better coping mechanisms. I'm very grateful for that.

"The thing I liked the most was that she was able, with questioning and different things that she did, to help me focus in on those areas that really needed my attention. There's always things that can be improved, and she really helped me zero in on those things. She showed me how I could do something different with how I was handling that situation, and every time it arose, what would be a better way to follow through on that goal or that issue.

"If I were to tell you about Aline, I would say she is definitely direct, but in a kind way. Your coach needs to tell you things you need to improve on. You don't want a coach who is always telling you you're doing so great. If you really need to work on areas, they need to be able to tell you that.

"She's also compassionate. She's patient with you as a coaching client. My husband said, it sounds like she's really been helping you."

- Marti


She creates a safe space

"My coach is Aline, and she just creates a safe space. That's the best thing that she could do for me. "

- Tricia


I'm still applying what I learned

"Hi guys, I just wanted to come in here real quick and say that if you are ever going through something pretty difficult, that coaching is something that you should look into, and that it’s for everyone. 

"No one is too good, or not good enough, for coaching.

"I had a wonderful coach, her name is Aline, and I highly recommend her. She helped me through some pretty difficult moments and I am applying, and I still apply, everything that she taught me. 

"What I love the most about her is that she brings a Biblical standpoint to all the sessions, and that’s very important for me.  I’m able to apply, I know, everything that I taught… that she taught me, and it’s having a great impact on myself and my family and my mental health.

"So I highly recommend her if you’re in need of some coaching, Aline is your gal."

- Rosbeth


I now have confidence & peace!

"Before I met Aline I was unable to respond to criticism or express my feelings and constantly being overwhelmed with hurt feelings. Aline helped me uncover the old wounds and negative thought about myself that came up whenever this situation occurred.

"Aline guided me to come up with a positive neutral counter. Observe and acknowledge. “You’re right, that wasn’t done. Thank you for pointing that out. I see that.” No defending, no apologizing, no anger, just neutral, just the facts. That’s the key to any argument – positive neutral, just the facts. It shows respect to others and respect toward myself. Which allowed me to maintain my dignity.

"Aline gave me encouragement, RIGHT THINKING, new tools that help me in all of my relationships and interactions. I now have growing confidence and peace!!"

- Karen


Set boundaries & overcame fear!

"I’ve had the privilege to have a few life-changing coaching sessions from Aline and it’s been so healing.

"She helped me with some blockages I had, and she walked me step by step into overcoming them. It’s was freeing and helpful!

"She also helped me rewrite some of my childhood trauma by taking me back in that time and directing me to face and rewrite the trauma into forgiveness and blessings. It was a beautiful experience altogether.

"Overall her Coaching skills are outstanding and she can help you get to the root of certain issues to help you move forward.

"She helped me with setting boundaries and overcoming fear that has been holding me back for years. She has a beautiful way in her approach to your needs and growth.

"I highly recommend Aline Maynard as a Life Coach! I’m looking forward to more Coaching Sessions in the future with her! ♥️🙏

- Melissa

real results

Client Wins

  • ​Overcame fear of conflict and learned conflict resolution skills
  • ​Learned to navigate  toxic family, now at peace among them
  • ​Learned to not let toxicity of others affect mood; able to walk away
  • ​Learned to set boundaries effectively
  • ​Overcame people-pleasing
  • ​Fired employees
  • ​Eliminated regularly-recurring arguments
  • ​Restored family relationships that were dead and over
  • ​Overcame challenges related to teens and stepchildren​
  • ​Overcame challenges with adult children with autism, ODD, and similar diagnosis
  • Healed and moved on from past trauma
  • ​Overcame overthinking, indecision, and negative self-talk
  • ​Made important decisions and learned skills for future decisions
  • ​Ended a life-long bad habit and replaced with a good habit
  • ​Developed healthy eating habits
  • ​Overcame phobias such as birds, public speaking  
  • ​Got unstuck in business

What will you be able to achieve through Christian coaching? Let's talk about it!

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Get To Know Aline Maynard Better

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Proven Outcomes


"Killed old habits" I felt successful and wanted to advance to the next level. I was looking for an in-depth view of things I needed to do to reach my goals. She’s a goal-oriented person and focuses on my goals and helps me to see them. She helps me identify things in life that are blocking me from reaching my goals and overcome them. For me, she’s made changes within my mind that kill old habits and free me up to reach that next level every week.



"Finds the issue quickly"  Aline is an incredible coach! She helped me find healing and clarity on personal and spiritual fronts. That’s where she shines. Aline carries Jesus with her everywhere she goes. She finds the issue quickly. Listens with such empathy and focus. Her desire to help is next level because of her Heart to serve. If you want sound Christian coaching, you need to allow her to serve you. She is a blessing! So thankful to have met her, be coached by her.



"Brought me patience & peace" 
Aline has guided me toward a profound transformation of my soul. She has shared her glorious gifts and insights unabashedly. The seemingly insignificant shifts in my understanding have brought me priceless patience and peace. I would not be where I am today if I had not come across her path. I am eternally grateful to her for showing me The Way after I humbled myself enough to accept her assistance.


Discover the Five Keys to Discern God's Voice & Direction

This Guide Shows You:

  • ​How God speaks to us today
  • ​How to quickly determine whether something is from the Holy Spirit, based on five scripture based keys